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Looking to take a break from life in the city? We’ve been serving the Hampton area for many years as your local travel agents! Lawton's travel Service Inc. looks forward to matching you with the perfect vacation, whether it’s just for you, or the whole family! With so many options out there, it’s difficult to choose the perfect location. Even when you do, there’s that mess to sort through of potential hotels, flights, and transportation. The good news is it’s your holiday. So, you don’t even have to worry about all that nonsense because we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll show you some exciting options and you get the fun part, picking in accordance with the weather!

We’ve been providing customers with their dream vacations for many years and pride ourselves on a flawless record of excellent customer service. Contact us and make your dream happen!



Hampton Travel Agent Hampton Travel Agent
About Us
We have been in business for many years and take pride in serving Hampton. All of our employees carry with them a wealth of experience to ensure professional results each and every time.
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We offer a wide array of services for your traveling comfort. We excel in every area, including: security features of traveling, booking hotels, flights, and car rentals, and much more!
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